JillHughey_smallOh dear, you’ve come over here to get the dirt on Jill Hughey? Well, prepare to be underwhelmed. Her only secret is that she also writes as J. Hughey, which really isn’t much of a secret since it’s right there on the banner of the website. Other than that, she leads a normal life in spite of the characters who insist on chattering in her head.

Jill is happily married to a mechanical and technological guru with whom she herds two talented teenage sons. They live in the woods in Pennsylvania only a few miles from where she grew up with wonderfully supportive parents. Her mom’s fascinating collection of romance novels fed Jill Hughey’s love for historical romance. She was the only geology major in her college class, which partly explains J. Hughey’s interest in volcanoes and earthquakes and global chaos. An enjoyable creative writing elective in college should have given her a clue about a potential career, but unfortunately Jill waited until middle age to figure out what she wanted to be when she grew up.

Wait. Is she grown up? When did that happen?

She must be, because Jill and her husband own a Macintosh computer consulting business, and have retirement plans and wills and all that adult stuff. Her only other marginally intriguing activity, other than the whole author thing, is voice lessons. She studies classical soprano and show tunes just because she can.

Oh, and she loves iced coffee and wine. That’s the important dirt.