The Zombie Santa Project – part one

The Zombie Santa Project – part one

One of my favorite family traditions is adding a new Santa Claus to our collection.  We choose one almost every year and label  it so we can look back at all of them, remembering the year and what led to choosing that particular Santa.  As the included pictures show, we have a pretty wide variety.  In 1997, we added a framed picture of our first-born son sitting on the mall-Santa’s lap.  2006 is a Yoda Santa.  A lovely jeweled box with Santa riding a polar bear is one of my favorites, from 2009.  Sometime since then we chose a mountain-biking Santa because my hubbie had become an avid rider.

As the years pass it is more difficult to find different and affordable Santas to add to our Chris Kringle population, but there have only been two years when we’ve grinched out.   We’ve started to select our annual elf based on a theme for the year, hence the mountain biker.  However, finding a Christmas theme two teen boys can get behind is darn near impossible. We didn’t add to our collection last year because none of us got the spark of Santa inspiration so I was determined that 2012 would be different!

Since I am the only female in this household I’ve learned to let go of my finer sensibilities and go with the testosterone flow.  In a moment of brilliance, I realized that the thing the guys are obsessed with this year is the TV show “The Walking Dead”.  (For any of you who do not follow it, “The Walking Dead” is about the zombie apocalypse, when groaning undead roam the earth decimating the tiny population of remaining humans.)

So, the obvious solution to the Santa dilemma is – you guessed it – ZOMBIE SANTA!

One would think with the current popularity of the undead that Christmas zombies would be all over the internet.  Let’s face it, if the snuggy can make it for 3 years running, how can the marketplace have missed the tremendous demand for an undead Santa?  Not a single one could be found, however…which I have to admit almost restores my faith in American society yet does not help me attain my 2012 collectible.

So my creative hubbie said, “Let’s make one!”

Happily, it is pretty easy to find a generic zombie on the internet.  Within a half-hour I had zeroed in on the lucky figurine that will become the mannequin for our desecration to all Santas everywhere.  Here is the link if you want to check him out.     Our zombie mannequin   And I got the good news that he shipped yesterday!

We wait with bated breath for the next stage of our project….   Come back soon to see how we dress a zombie Santa!!

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