Give and Take on First Sight Saturday

Give and Take on First Sight Saturday

Every week on First Sight Saturday, I invite one author to share an excerpt of a first meeting between two characters.

Today, I welcome Alisa Anderson with the second book in her Give and Receive series.  This erotic romance novella, called Give and Take, will be released this month.  The first book in the series, Give and Receive, is available now if you want to get primed!

Set up:
Lena is at the office with her business partner and good friend Reese when Reese finally gets to meet Ty, Lena’s best friend.
 Two of the most important people in Lena’s life, and two of the biggest epic forces of nature, finally collide.

“This is beginning to get a little complicated, don’t you think? Do you really want to lose him as a friend?” Reese paused and repeated her last question. “Well. Do you?”
Lena looked at Reese and frowned. “God, Reese. You are so annoying, sometimes.”
“You know me, always encouraging and uplifting,” Reese said sweetly.
“You and your damn conscience, always interfering in the good stuff. And if you must know, I don’t plan on it happening again.”
Reese snorted. “Uh huh.”
“Yeah. Whatever.” Lena broke off a piece of scone from the desk and dipped it into Reese’s coffee. Reese looked in her coffee mug at the crumbs floating around and glared at Lena.
“So anyway,” Lena continued, ignoring Reese’s frown. “You should have seen him the next morning. He looked all pitiful and shit. I felt kinda sorry for the poor kid.”
“Pitiful, huh? You mean, kind of like he lost his best friend?”
“Well, yeah I guess…” Lena ate her piece of scone and chewed thoughtfully. “You think that was because of me?”
“You know, I like when you aim high and reach for the big fat clue right in front of you.” Reese laughed and popped a piece of scone into her mouth.
Lena grinned. “And I like it when you kiss my ass.”
Reese cackled and started to say something, but paused as she looked towards the door. Suddenly, she busied herself with something on the computer screen. Lena turned around and saw Tyler standing in the doorway.
Reese coughed delicately. “How are you, Ty?”
“I’m doing all right. It’s Reese, isn’t it?”
“The one and only.” Reese smirked at Lena and got up from her chair. She walked over to him and held out her hand. “Don’t believe anything she says about me.” She winked at him. “I’m really much worse.”
Tyler grinned and didn’t try to hide it as he assessed her from head to toe.
He liked what he saw. Especially Reese’s full, voluptuous chest, which he always had a weakness for. He cleared his throat and brought his gaze up to finally look at her face as he shook her hand firmly, not releasing it. He gave her a cocky grin.
“I’ll try to keep that in mind, sweetheart.”
But Reese was not to be outdone.
Rather than be offended at his sizing her up like a piece of meat, she yanked him a little closer to her so he could get a complete view of the treasures underneath her blouse. Then she eyed his crotch and replied, “Make sure you don’t, sweetheart. Because I eat little boys like you for breakfast.”
Lena couldn’t believe it, but Tyler flushed and yanked his hand away. Reese had actually flustered him. She laughed out loud.
“Reese, play nice with Ty. He doesn’t know you’re only teasing. Now we don’t want to scare him away, do we? Then he won’t come over to play, ever again.”
“Oh nooooooo, we don’t want that.” Reese cooed, settling back in her chair to blot her lips and apply more rum raisin lipstick. “Not when there are so many things…” Reese deliberately eyed Tyler’s crotch again, and licked her lips. “To play with.”
Tyler was horrified as he felt himself turning red once more. How was he letting some woman, he just met, show him up? He felt like some horny teenager.
Not cool. He tried to compose himself.
“Can I talk to you please?” Tyler looked at Lena. “Alone?”
Lena then looked at Reese. Reese smiled sweetly and said “Come back and see me sometime, Mr. Malone. I’m harmless. I swear. And besides.” Reese winked at Lena. “I hear we have a lot in common.” She snickered and turned her back to them.
Lena gasped, and pulled Tyler out of the room, shooting Reese a dirty look, all the while trying not to laugh.
“What did she-” Tyler began, but Lena cut him off. “Uhhhh…Tyler let’s hurry this up. I need to run some errands.”
Lena closed the door behind her and she heard Reese, still laughing.

Coming February 2013…In the meantime, read the novella where it all begins!

You can read a First Sight Saturday excerpt from Book One in this series, Give and Receive, on my blog by clicking here.

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