The Good Luck Potion on  First Sight Saturday

The Good Luck Potion on First Sight Saturday

Each week on First Sight Saturday, an author shares an excerpt of a first meeting between two important characters.

This week I welcome Leanne Tyler with Book 3 in The Good Luck Series. The Good Luck Potion is a contemporary romantic comedy and is so hot off the digital presses that it isn’t even released yet, but you only have to wait until May 1 to grab a copy! UPDATE: here is the link to The Good Luck Potion.

Here is a setup of the scene: Sue Charles has just received the Good Luck Charm from Lucinda, which is supposed to draw her soul mate to her. She is on her way to her sister’s house for dinner, but when she gets there she finds the small dinner gathering is actually a large dinner party.

     Sue applied the brake, slowing to a stop outside of her sister’s house. She prepared to park behind a small pickup truck but became distracted when she saw a cute guy walk from the curb toward the house. His short cropped brown hair and two day stubble was a sexy combination. He filled out his jeans in all the right places too, drawing her attention to his behind instead of keeping her mind on coming to a full stop. When her car bumped into the tail end of the truck she jerked to attention.
    “Oh no.” She shifted to reverse, inched back a little and put it in park. Gripping the steering wheel tight, she laid her head on it, afraid to look. She was certain he’d heard the minor collision. She didn’t recognize him as one of Phil’s friends because he was definitely someone she would remember. Whoever he was, he’d no doubt be angry and justifiably so.
     If she didn’t feel obligated to go inside she’d leave, but she couldn’t bail on her sister. Though by the number of cars parked in the drive it was clear she wouldn’t be missed. Kimberly had said dinner with a friend or two, but this looked like a large dinner party. Leave it to her sister to tell a white lie to get her to come tonight.
     A knock on the window prompted her to look up. The hunky guy was standing outside her door and she swallowed the lump of anxiety that had formed in her throat. Resigned that she had to face him and the damage she had caused, she pulled her keys from the ignition, grabbed her purse and got out.
      “Are you okay?” His look of worry startled her.
She slowly nodded, but her cheeks grew warm. “I’m sorry. I got a little too close and bumped you. Is there any damage to your truck? I’ll pay for it. It was totally my fault.”
      “Relax. It’s just a truck. The most important thing is that you weren’t hurt. Did you hit your head?”
      She swallowed, caught off guard by his concern for her safety when she was the one at fault. “No. I’m fine. Just rattled…I’m normally a safe driver. I wasn’t expecting so many cars to be here.”
      He grinned and nodded, extending his hand. “It does look like a crowd. I’m Alex by the way.”
     “Sue Charles.” She shook his hand. “I’m Kimberly’s sister.”
     “Nice to meet you, Sue Charles. Should we go inside?”
     “Don’t you think we should check for damage?”
     “I don’t think there is any, but if it will make you feel better, we can look.”
     She followed him to the front of the car and they inspected both vehicles. Thankfully he was right. There wasn’t a scratch on either, but it didn’t change the fact that she’d hit his truck because she’d been staring at his butt. And the way he kept grinning made her feel he knew what had really distracted her. As if that wasn’t enough, the gris-gris warmed against her chest, reminding her that less than an hour ago Lucinda had given her the one thing that was supposed to ensure she meet her soul mate.
     Mortified by what she’d done, she really wanted to hurry to the house and lock herself in Kimberly’s bedroom until everyone left. But she couldn’t, especially when Alex was trying to make her feel at ease. He was not only good looking, but a nice person and definitely someone she’d expect would be Phil’s friend.
     “See. No damage.” He smiled. “No harm. No foul. Let’s forget it and have a good time tonight.”
     She glanced up at him, grateful for his good nature. “Okay. I’ll try to forget it, but I’m truly sorry.”
     “Like I said, it’s just a truck.” He motioned for her to go ahead of him and he followed her up the walk.
     The front door opened before they reached it. Kimberly was all smiles and she looked amazing in the floral sundress and sandals she wore. “I was getting worried about you two.         Everyone else has already arrived. Come on in and let me get you the last lock and key.”
     “What?” Sue followed her sister into the living room and saw there were five other females wearing a lock on a string around their necks.
     “Phil and I thought it would be fun to have a lock and key party. Have you ever heard of it?”
     “No.” Sue grimaced.
“It’s simple really. You wear this lock and each male is given a key.” Kimberly turned to Alex, handing one to him. “Each key matches one lock. It’s the guy’s job to find out which one. We thought it would be a great way to start a conversation and for my friends to get to know Phil’s friends.”
     “Where’d you get this idea?” Sue asked.
     “A movie on one of those cable romance channels. Phil and I both thought it was the cutest idea ever.” Kimberly’s enthusiasm wasn’t rubbing off on her. “Relax. Who knows, you might just meet someone tonight. Haven’t you been moaning for the last few months about needing a date?”
     “Kimberly!” Sue gasped, not believing her sister had just said that in front of him. She grabbed her by the arm and led her toward the kitchen. “How could you say that in front of Alex?”
     “Sorry, but it’s true.”
     “It doesn’t matter if it is. I don’t want him thinking I’m a loser. I already bumped his truck when I parked.”
     “You didn’t.”
     She nodded.
     “So that explains why the two of you were out there so long.”
     Sue ignored that last statement, not wanting to go into any more details at the moment. Instead she turned to the question that had been eating at her since she pulled up. “I thought you invited me here for dinner.”

     “I did. And we’ll eat as soon as each lock and key is paired up.”


What an embarrassing way to meet! I wonder who will have the lock to match Alex’s key? As I mentioned above, The Good Luck Potion. Here are some links so you can continue to follow Leanne Tyler.


Twitter: @LeanneTyler

Thank you, Leanne, for joining me today on First Sight Saturday.

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  1. This is really a cute and unique way for the characters to meet. I can tell immediately that they’ll have an interesting future. I’m sure this is another delightful addition to this series!

    • TG,
      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Alex is a pretty laid back kinda guy. He has to be with a blood hound like Duke. I hope you enjoy the story.