Looking at Rose on First Sight Saturday

Looking at Rose on First Sight Saturday

Each week on First Sight Saturday I feature an excerpt of a first meeting written by a visiting author.

Today I welcome Qwillia Rain with Looking at Rose, book one in her Poker Posse series. This is an erotic romance, but I promise the excerpt below is rated PG!

SETUP: In a story, it sometimes isn’t the first meeting between the hero and heroine that can reveal hidden depths, but encounters with those close the main characters. After Ibraham Rajonovich accepts Rose Whittman’s agreement to learn about the practices he participates in as a Dominant, his unexpected first meeting with Jake Boudreaux makes it clear that others will be paying attention to Ibraham’s treatment of Rose. It shows him that he isn’t the only man who sees how unique and wonderful Rose is, which only makes him more curious about why Rose doesn’t see her own beauty and passion.


    Ibraham entered his office, a warm cup of coffee at his lips and a fresh pastry from Rose’s shop in his hand. Inside the door he stopped, surprised at the man lounging behind his desk, scuffed black biker boots propped on the polished oak and green eyes focused on him.
    It took a moment for him to put a name to the man’s face. “Boudreaux, right?”
    The man gave a nod but didn’t move. “Correct.”
    It wasn’t the black leather the man wore or the deep, rumbling voice that carried the same Southern drawl Ibraham had grown used to over the last year that made him ease the door shut and take his time approaching the desk. It was the air of menace that surrounded Boudreaux. Ibraham had sensed it in other doms over the years, the ones who skirted the edge not only in the lifestyle but in life itself. He might have a few inches on the man, but he didn’t doubt Jake Boudreaux had no qualms about fighting dirty.
    Ibraham took a bite of his danish, then washed it down with a sip of his coffee before asking, “Was there something you needed from me?”
    “Tell me what you want with Rose.”
    The tension tightening Ibraham’s muscles was instantaneous. It was clear the other man saw it, if the slight smirk on Jake’s lips was any indication. “None of your business.”
    Jake’s expression held no amusement as he swung his feet off Ibraham’s desk and rose from the chair. “Now that’s where you’d be wrong, Juice Man.” He kept his arms crossed over his chest as he stepped in front of Ibraham and looked up at him. “If you’re messin’ with Rose, it’s my business. You may not realize it, but Rose, she’s special. And there’s quite a few marines that wouldn’t take kindly to you dallyin’ with her affections.”
    “I was under the impression your interests lay in the direction of a particular strawberry blonde.”
Jake’s eyes narrowed, and his knuckles went white. “Norah has nothing to do with this. Rose deserves the best.”
    “And I’m not the best?”
    Jake shrugged and moved past him. He pulled the door open before turning back to look at Ibraham. Something in his gaze held a warning that was followed up by his parting words. “Jury’s still out. But know this, you hurt her, and I won’t be the only one ready to take your hide.”
    Ibraham watched him leave the room and exit the winery before he left his office. First Rose’s mother, and now Boudreaux. Ibraham chuckled at the attention he’d garnered because of his sexy sweets maker. On the sidewalk outside Rose’s shop, Jake paused to make a phone call. After he finished and tucked the phone inside his jacket, he stepped into Rose’s shop.
    Instinct told Ibraham, on the heels of last night, he had nothing to worry about when it came to his Rose and Boudreaux. All the same, it didn’t sit well that the man was inside her shop. There had to be some history between the two, even if they weren’t lovers. A man didn’t get protective without a reason, and Ibraham intended to find out what that reason was. He tossed the last of his pastry into the trash and finished his coffee before exiting his shop and heading for Sweet Rose Treats.


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