Fictional Eats!   #MFRWHooks #99cents

Fictional Eats! #MFRWHooks #99cents

I’ve been so hungry lately. Not an uncommon affliction for me in January when my brain reverts to its starving caveman ancestry. Anyway, I thought that as good reason as any to share a food excerpt from Vain, when Lily is feeding a peach to the badly wounded Theo. This book is on sale this week, too, so gobble it up while you can get a discount! Featured as eReader News Today book of the day on January 20, and on Kindle Books and Tips January 21(posting after 9AM, so if you’re an early bird that link might not be live yet)!


She lifted the new summer fruit, yellow and fuzzy. He hadn’t had a peach since last year. His mouth watered. Without another word, she found a knife and cut a tiny, crescent sliver, releasing juice down the side of her hand. He could smell the sugary flesh as she lowered it to his mouth, deftly slipping the thin bite between his lips. The ripe pulp crushed succulently between his tongue and palate with a burst of flavor and sweet liquid. The strip of resilient skin rubbed satisfyingly in his mouth, giving him the welcome sensation of eating something substantial. She fed him one delicious bit after another until the entire globe of perfection was gone. She wiped her hands on a damp cloth, now smiling as though he had conquered not only Rome, but Athens, as well. He had forgotten those tiny dimples on her cheeks. He sighed as his stomach growled again, beginning the forgotten work of handling solid nourishment. He could not hold his eyes open another minute, dropping back into sleep, despite the distraction of fingers brushing the hair from his forehead.



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3 Responses to Fictional Eats! #MFRWHooks #99cents

  1. Oh, nice snippet. We had a peach tree when I was a kid and the peaches were delicious. I’ve never found one as good in the grocery store. Your description made my mouth water.