Hot Rail Trail Kiss on the Hot for Friday Hop

Hot Rail Trail Kiss on the Hot for Friday Hop

Every week, Book Boyfriends Cafe suggests a topic for a blog hop, and this week it is Hot Kisses. Not all kisses are hot. A kiss can be gentle, soothing, unwelcome, or even gross. This one is the first scorcher for Boone and Violet, main characters in my New Adult contemporary romance, Eruption: Yellowblown™ Book One. They’re getting ready to ride bikes together on a rail trail, but Boone isn’t able to resist….


He handled the large SUV easily, without the usual jerkiness of a guy trying to impress a girl with his mad driving skills. We drove through the depressing remains of an old steel town before he pulled in at a parking lot in a place called Duquesne. He came to my side of the SUV even though I already had the door open. I slid down out of the seat. His hand on my arm stopped me from reaching back in for my pack.

“Hey,” he said softly. “Before I get all sweaty and disgusting.” His kiss ignited sparks. I stepped in to press against him. A lift to my tiptoes brought me to the perfect height for my thighs to nestle against his. My arms slipped around his neck, all the encouragement he needed to deepen the kiss.

His hands drifted from my shoulder blades, down my back, to my hips. I squeaked against his mouth when he took a possessive grip on my behind.

He pulled away to look down at me with hooded eyes. “You look so hot in this little skirt. If you rode around campus there’d be a trail of guys jogging behind you.”

The unexpected compliment made me blush. Oh sure, the ex had tried to get in my pants, but he’d never told me I was hot. And men followed Mia, not me. “You look pretty good yourself,” I whispered. I ran my hands across his shoulders, muscular under the thin quick-dry fabric clinging to them. “And, for future reference, I don’t mind sweat. At least, not yours.”

His eyes smoldered. “That’s some good information right there.” He rocked my hips into tighter contact with his. His hands were strong and confident, a man’s hands, meant to make a woman pliable. That’s what they did to me, anyway.

Something in his expression urged me to initiate another kiss, this one searching and tender, like we’d each admitted something special to one another when we’d hardly said anything at all. I pressed against him, demanding more. He gave, one hand still cupping my ass while the other centered on my back. His firm hold, the way it told me exactly how he wanted me to stand, inflamed me, from the top of my tingling scalp to the bottom of my curling toes.

A car horn tooted merrily from the road. I dropped my face to his chest, his smell making me nuzzle the smooth cloth and wonder about the firm flesh I felt beneath. He slid his hand into my hair to cradle my head as he watched the vehicle drive away.

“Shoot,” I said into his shirt.

“Not a good spot,” he said gruffly. “Let’s take this ride.”


If you want to know more about Boone and Violet’s story, click here to visit Eruption’s page on this website.

I’m happy to report that book two in the series, Rhyolite Drifts, is with the editor. I’m waiting to see how extensive her comments are before I set a release date, but it will be soon!!!

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