Swoon with Boone on Hot for Friday #bookboyfriend

BookBoyCafeI know bad boys are popular right now, but part of the appeal of Boone Ramer is he’s a good guy who’s just so darned sexy. (Violet and her roommate nicknamed him Hotness.) As my Yellowblown™ series progresses, we’re going to learn he’s not quite as straight-laced as even he thinks he is. This dialogue from my upcoming release gives just a hint of that. If you want to start to get to know my Nebraska book boyfriend, you can read the first book in the series, Eruption.

Here’s the snippet where Boone makes Violet weak in the knees…again:

I kissed the center of his chest. “You don’t want a helpless girl to go limp in your arms?”

“As long as it’s you, I’ll take it. You can go limp, grab me, lie down, stand up, do whatever you want as long as I’m the man you’re doing it with. Tell me how you want it and I’ll do it. Fast, slow, noisy, quiet, dirty, polite, outside, inside….”

He continued his list while I cracked up. “So, now you’re my sex slave?”

“Yes,” he answered without thought. “Absolutely yes. Or maybe we can take turns.”


As I said, this is from Rhylite Drifts: Yellowblown™ Book Two, which is in the editing phase now, and will soon be released, but get yourself some Hotness by reading Eruption!

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