Eve’s Amulet on First Sight Saturday

Eve’s Amulet on First Sight Saturday

Every week I feature a guest author with a first meeting excerpt. Today I welcome Carole Avila, who has been an intuitive life coach for 35 years who constantly affirms that she is an international financially successful bestselling author.

Carole is here to share an excerpt from her August release Eve’s Amulet: Book 1 – A Time Travel Western Romance Adventure.

Setup of the scene:  Mandy Ruhe has been having weird dreams about cowboys, soldiers, and gunfights. The resulting lack of sleep, a mediocre life, and a constant brutal headache are sure signs that she needs to make some changes. She discovers an ancient amulet and goes unconscious, not knowing she has been swept back in time to Texas, 1845, or that she has been gun-butted on the back of her head by a vicious soldier. Mandy wakes up in the arms of a man she has only seen glimpses of in her dreams.
First meeting excerpt (1000 words or less, rated PG)
          A colossal headache jackhammered at my skull. Pain ransacked every nerve ending, worse than the migraine I’d suffered before my court appearance. Motion sickness blossomed as my head swayed back and forth against my will. A struggle went into flitting open my sticky lashes.
The fuzzy image of a moustached man came into view, and his tears dripped onto my face. Long brown hair dangled past his wide shoulders and stuck in the salty liquid on my cheeks. Decorative gold buttons shimmered on the front of his dark blue jacket.
Yankee Jesus rocked me in his arms, and I wanted to throw up.
“Don’t leave me,” he whispered. His deep voice sounded like a lullaby, pulling some of my attention away from the pain and the need to vomit. “Carmena, come back to me.”
It was the wrong name, but he said it like a soothing hot drink on a chilly day. I felt safe in his presence, inexplicably secure in an embrace so suffocating that it threatened to choke the air from my lungs.
My lashes fluttered all the way open. It felt like the man with the knockout looks wasn’t holding me for the first time, but I couldn’t recall seeing eyes bluer than the waters on a Caribbean postcard.
“Carmena!” His weak smile tried to nudge past his anguish. “Darling, stay with me!”
“Dude, why wouldn’t I?” The small and scratchy voice didn’t sound like my own, but apparently he didn’t care.
His long fingers swiped strands of tacky hair out of my face. “Forever more, I shall see to your every happiness, my love.”
Deeply comforted, I gave him a trifling smile as I closed my eyes and lapsed into sleep.
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Thank you for being here today, Carole. We welcome any reader comments, and hope you will come back next week for another first meeting excerpt!

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