Life Changes

Life Changes

Today is a day of change, at least on the periphery of my life.

My best friend is selling one house and buying another in preparation to live with her recently widowed mother.

A good friend of my husband is, oddly enough, buying said best friend’s house as he goes through a rocky period in a personal relationship.

This afternoon I will have the last lesson with my voice teacher, my first and only instructor for seven years, who is moving to New York City to expand her professional horizons and support her husband in a career change which is drawing him into the ministry.

It feels odd to sit at my desk, a normal start to a normal day, while all this upheaval is happening. I’m glad I’m not buying a house today, or, even worse, moving. I suppose I’m glad I am not faced with a major career decision, though I would be thrilled to some day earn enough to be able to write full time. I am still in denial that this is to be my last voice lesson with a wonderful mentor.

Right now, for me, is a good place in life, and I try every day to savor it, though I’m not very good at living in the moment. The empty nest is looming close on the horizon, and while I am not one of those parents who hovers or is so completely invested in her children’s lives that there is nothing left of her own personality, I can see that a certain energy will be gone, as sources of interest and amusement and affection leave our sphere to move into their own.

So, I must strive to appreciate the stability I have today while around me people I care about are making major life changes.

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