Things I’m Thankful For

Things I’m Thankful For

As we approach Thanksgiving — the holiday that is now lost between Halloween and Christmas — I thought I’d make a list of seven things I am thankful for. (Earlier this fall I made a football etiquette list that stopped at seven, so I’m sticking with that plan. And yes, I know that I have dropped the same preposition twice now, but that’s how I roll.)

I am thankful…

1. …that the first man I really fell in love with also really fell in love with me.

2. …that my two teenage boys know everything, because my husband and I know absolutely nothing.

3. …that I discovered my voice.

4. …that I enjoy cooking — most of the time — because my kids are always hungry, though not always for what I am cooking.

5. …that we will be able to gather with most of both sides of our families during the holiday season this year.

6. …that we own our own business, so the only way we can be down-sized is if we close.

7. …that I have wonderful readers and friends who like to stop by my blog occasionally to see what’s up!

And there’s another preposition, stranded there, cuz that’s how I roll!  Happy Thanksgiving!!

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