Jill Hughey’s Books

Jill Hughey’s Books

Here they are! Every Jill Hughey Romance book available! I created this post  –  copied it from my Love Historicals page to be honest  –  to reduce the clutter on the home page of the blog. Every book is here, and the icons beneath lead directly to the individual book at your vendor of choice. 

The books in the Evolution Series in chronological order are Unbidden, Second Love: A Short Historical Romance Story, Redeemed, Vain, and Little Witch. The Evolution Series is set what we now know as France and Bavaria in the years after Charlemagne’s death. There is also an Evolution Series Bundle that contains every story except Little Witch.

Way down at the bottom of the post you will find my sweet American historical romance, Sass Meets Class.
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The Evolution Series consists of five stories in this chronological order:


When the emperor chooses a husband for Rochelle, she tries to drive her betrothed away, but by the time she realizes she might want to keep him, she has been too successful and other forces are dividing them as well. Will she trade her beloved estate to earn David’s love?
A whirling romance in the enchanting world of Charlemagne’s Empire in which a reluctant heroine and “drool-worthy” hero engage in a battle of wills. Unbidden is currently free at most ebook vendors and is Jill’s first audiobook release!
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Second Love: A Short Historical Romance Story

Second Love is a SHORT STORY of about 10,500 meticulously crafted words. It is volume 1.5 in the Evolution Series, chronologically falling between the last chapter and the epilogue of Unbidden.
When Ingrid helps a noblewoman escape, she is sure her master’s retribution will be severe. Instead, the woman and her husband quickly return to offer the widow and her young son protection far away in Francia. Their new home provides comfort and stability but does not relieve her inner shame at what she’d done to survive. Certain she does not deserve a second love, she resists the yearnings of her heart and discourages a worthy suitor.
A story told through a year of seasons, Second Love unites a man and a woman who both have pieces of their pasts they would rather forget.
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Can a quiet widow help a damaged, secretive man find redemption?
Doeg has only two requirements in a wife and upon meeting Philantha he knows she is the one who will fulfill them. However, she has a requirement of her own that tests and eventually breaks  the barriers Doeg has maintained around himself for decades. They struggle during the day to revitalize his estate while the night-time awakening of their passion leads to binding love and redemption beyond their wildest imaginings. When an unexpected threat to Philantha emerges, Doeg rises to the challenge, throwing off the shackles of his past once and for all.
Travel to Bavaria in 834 where Redeemed combines the best elements of historical romance with an exciting new setting.  Book Two in the Evolution Series
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Lily had her life planned, neat and tidy as thread on a spindle, until her mother died and her father snipped at the seams of her future by abandoning Lily in their shop. A nobleman unexpectedly gives her hope when he brings fabric for a special garment. Lily survives on his first payment, and immerses herself in sewing and embroidering an incomparable tunic for him, as her tidy plan continues to unravel.
Theophilus, Lord of Ribeauville, takes his responsibility to his townspeople seriously and, therefore, does not dally with local women. Desire wars with duty when Lily glances up at him while adjusting the hem on his Easter tunic. As her deteriorating circumstances push them together, Theo and Lily learn that the path to his heart just might be through his wardrobe, though the exquisite outfit she creates is the only part of her that fits in his precarious aristocratic world.
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Little Witch: Historical Romance Novella

The night is dark. The moon is bright. She brings his heart into her light.
The fifth book in the Evolution Series and a 49,000 word historical romance novella.
A vicious neighbor uses a series of coincidences to label Salena as the local moon-charmer, making her an outcast in rural Francia. When Salena encounters her brother’s childhood friend, Nox, out on business for the Lord of Ribeauville, she fears he will accept the locals’ tales about her, especially since they relate to the death of his family a decade before. He is, instead, as charmed by her as she is by him.
Nox’s sympathy for Salena evolves into affection in spite of his strict rule against close ties with people. Afraid to risk another loss like that of his youth, he abruptly ends their relationship, unaware that Salena has already been downtrodden by her father denying her request to venture farther out into the world.
A threat to Salena’s family prompts her to run away in the hopes of protecting those she loves while forging a new path for her life. Too late, Nox discovers that she has also run away with his scarred heart.
The books in the Evolution Series in chronological order are Unbidden, Second Love: A Short Historical Romance Story, Redeemed, Vain, and Little Witch. The Evolution Series is set what we now know as France and Bavaria in the years after Charlemagne’s death.
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The Evolution Series Bundle

This single purchase contains Unbidden, Redeemed, and Vain, with Second Love: A Short Historical Romance Story as a bonus! This is definitely the most cost effective way to get most of the Evolution Series, plus you can read straight through all four romances without being pulled away to visit your favorite ebook vendor!



Sass Meets Class
I’ve also written a light, sweet romance, Sass Meets Class, set in 1880s Arizona Territory that one reviewer described as “Mr. Darcy in the Wild West.”
Conversation gets pricklier than a cactus and desert temperatures are bound to rise when American common sense meets British nobility in Arizona Territory.
Susan Mellott doesn’t pay much attention to the outlandish Englishman who joins her family for the last leg of their overland journey   She considers Alexander Dorcester a source of bowing and boot-polishing amusement until he helps scare off a couple of curious Apaches on their last day on the trail.  The Brits and her paths part in Gateway, and even though she knows he will be visiting his parents just five miles away, her family’s new general store requires so much attention she mostly forgets about the Redcoat.  Until he arrives to do some shopping with his oh-so-proper mother.  He returns alone the next month, then again the week after, and the week after.  Not sure of his intentions, Susan decides to encourage Alex a little.  Next thing she knows, he’s bolted for England.
Or has he?  Time and distance and secrets cannot end a friendship that is meant to be love.
Sass Meets Class.  A sweet romance in which two mismatched people discover they are just what the other needs.
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