A Love Song in Wyoming on First Sight Saturday

A Love Song in Wyoming on First Sight Saturday

Today I welcome E. Ayers with her sweet contemporary romance, A Love Song in Wyoming.  Wyoming is my favorite state in the U.S.A. and I love music so I am really happy to share this first meeting between her characters!

The Setup:  Johnny Rockthorne is one of the top country/western vocalists. He spends most of his time on the road doing concerts, and the rest of the time he’s home with his parents. His career is a family business. His mom runs it, and his big sis (Lucy) is his road manager. Her husband (Ed) handles his stage. Now he wants a place to call his own, far from fans, where he can relax, and write. Wyoming looks like the perfect spot.

Excerpt:  “What was this place?” Johnny asked, as he looked at all the bedrooms with hotel-like locks on the doors.

“A dude ranch. Do you intend to use it as commercial property?” The agent pulled at the corner of his generous mustache.
“Private residence.” The view out the windows caught his attention. Fields stretched almost forever until they met some distant snow capped mountains that blended into the bright sky. Beautiful.
He opened a door and walked onto a tiered deck. A pool and hot tub came into view, along with a fire pit and a massive outdoor grilling area, all of it hidden from the panorama within the house. He stepped down, turned, and looked at the cabin. Made from logs and stones, it was a man’s retreat. Bold, spacious, and everything he could ever want.
He turned to the landscape before him. The agent had called it a reservoir, but to him it was a pond. The image of whiling away a lazy warm afternoon in the water appealed to him. Maybe he’d get one of those pool chairs that floated.
A small stream fed the pond like a bright shimmering ribbon in the sunlight. Beyond the stream, a barn and house could be seen in the far distance. His mind swirled with words, and a tune began to form. He wanted paper and pen so he wouldn’t lose the song.
He stepped back inside and found Lucy. “I need to write.”
Lucy rolled her eyes, rummaged through her purse, and produced a small notepad. “I love that kitchen. You gotta get this place.”
“Thanks.” He took the paper and pen, and went outside. Songs were flowing through his mind like Niagara Falls. He couldn’t scribble fast enough as he sat on one deck and put his feet on the lower one.
An odd cadence caught his attention. He saw a steer and then another. The noise grew louder. A herd of cattle moved into view from the side of the yard. Then he heard what sounded like a motorcycle. He watched as the backyard filled with a sea of black animals. A hot pink motorcycle seemed to be pushing them along. The rider dressed in matching pink pants, jacket, and helmet pulled to stop as soon as the last bovine crossed the stream. The rider turned, headed for the cabin, and stopped short of the decking.
Stepping off, the motorcyclist removed the helmet, and shiny black hair spilled across her shoulders and down her back. She smiled and called, “Hi, Uncle Cody in there?”
Johnny nodded.
The young woman ran up the tiered decks with lightning speed and paused for a moment to offer her hand. “Hi, I’m Angie Clovis.” Her bright smile faded as her mouth formed an O. “Oh, my gosh, you’re Johnny Rockthorne. You buying this place?”
“Sorry, cutting across this property saves me a bunch of time.” She smiled and stepped around him. “Hey. Uncle Cody!”
Johnny turned and watched her greet the real estate agent with a hearty hug. A moment later, she scooted across the decks to her motorcycle.
“Bye,” she called. “If you buy it, we’ll be neighbors.”
She put her helmet on and rode off towards the distant house.
The image of her chiseled features, vibrant blue eyes, and straight black hair remained in his mind.
He stuck the pen and notepad in his shirt pocket and went to find the young woman’s uncle. The man appeared engaged in dialog with Lucy and Ed.
“Excuse me.” Johnny smiled at the trio. “What must I do to buy this place?”
Looks like Johnny is a decisive man and Angie knows how to get the attention of more than cattle.  Here is where you can get your own copy of  A Love Song in Wyoming on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  This book is a great bargain at $0.99!
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  1. Thanks for having me here today with Johnny and Angie. Do opposites really attract? The story contains a sneak peak behind the glamorous world of music videos and stage production, as well as the hard work of a poor ranching family trying to make it against the odds.

    I’m so happy to hear that you love Wyoming. It’s one of my favorites, too. How far can you see out your back door? Who wouldn’t love Wyoming?