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A Medieval Celebration from “Vain”   #MFRWHooks

A Medieval Celebration from “Vain” #MFRWHooks

In planning this post, I realized I don’t have a single New Year’s Eve scene in any of my books. Most of my books are set in the 800s when holidays were being converted from pagan to Christian, and New Year’s Eve wasn’t really New Year’s Eve, if that makes any sense. So I went back to the St. Remi Festival, where a husband who has treated his unwanted wife very badly realizes, at the town’s celebration, she’s worked her way into his heart.


He had never heard Lily sing, not consciously. He had never seen Lily dance. Had she ever really laughed in his presence?

They danced for over an hour, carried in the sea of sweaty bodies and injured toes. Theo bought ale and roasted nuts, and they sat on his cloak in the grass watching the chaos, then he pulled Lily back into the fray. When the musicians finally tired and the torches started to sputter out, he had to search in the darkness for his cloak while Lily giggled behind him. He finally found it, probably ruined by grass stains and people tramping on it. He flung it around his shoulders anyway. He took her hand in both of his.

“May I walk you home?” he asked earnestly, like a boy with his first love.

Her smile faded. She stared up at him, her face pale and her eyes wide in the light of the harvest moon.


What is Vain about? A tailor’s abandoned daughter fashions a vain nobleman’s tunic, finding passion between the neckline and hem as misfortune forces her into his precarious aristocratic world. Vain is book three in the Evolution Series, but stands alone as a story. In fact, I wasted two hours skimming back through Theo and Lily’s story, and decided it is my favorite.

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I’m a Geek about #Yellowstone

I’m a Geek about #Yellowstone

What could be better than understanding something complex? Than digging down into the nuts and bolts of “why”? I know some people don’t share my enthusiasm for science, but I’ve got to admit, I lo-o-o-ve geeky stuff. I was logging onto my Yahoo account, minding my own business, when an article about Yellowstone caught my eye.… Continue Reading

Hummingbird Place – Listen to Romance News        #blogradio #romancenews

Hummingbird Place – Listen to Romance News #blogradio #romancenews

Last night I was interviewed on Hummingbird Place, a fun place to find weekly romance news and listen to authors you may or may not be familiar with, all couched in a comfy, homespun environment complete with southern accents and “cyber-wine.” Host Donna Wright explored the topic of Virgin Heroes and Heroines with three authors. The character I discussed… Continue Reading

Love and Reckoning on First Sight Saturday    #excerpt #firstmeeting

Love and Reckoning on First Sight Saturday #excerpt #firstmeeting

Today on First Sight Saturday, I welcome Gina Danna with her historical romance set in ancient Rome, Love and Reckoning. This first meeting excerpt is between Ganius, a Celtic slave turned gladiator, and Aurelia, who is a Roman lady and his owner. Aurelia has gone out of her way to meet the “beast” at her brother’s… Continue Reading