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A New Chapter

Well, friends, I have been missing for a LONG time. A year ago I was working on an edit of “Unbidden” when a terrible thing happened. And then two months later another terrible thing happened. I’m not going into the details, but suffice it to say I was emotionally gutted, and my day-to-day life was hijacked by the needs of others. Writing was out of the question, both from a time standpoint and from lack of creative drive. (I did participate in a boxed set of novellas, Hearts Aflame, with some other Love Historicals authors. Luckily I had the story “Rowan’s Legacy” written prior to July 2015, and only had to edit to get it ready.)

Five months or so ago, in the midst of the very stressful and time-consuming task of forcibly downsizing my parents’ living situation, a wonderful thing started to happen. An opportunity for a full-time job sort of evolved in an industry I left in 2003 and never thought I would re-enter. All I can say is this path felt more clear, sensible, and stimulating than the idea of continuing to write when I can’t seem to earn the support of more than a few people who buy books. So, I’m starting this week on a new/old professional journey.

Local readers often ask if I’m working on the next book. I have a few in my head, in both my existing series and one totally different story, but writing them is another thing. The inclination exists, the love for the written word and my characters is still there. I just can’t imagine I’ll have time. If I choose to continue, it will begin again as a hobby, which is how I started, after all.

Thank you for visiting my blog and website, and for being one of the fans who enjoys my writing. I’m sure I’ll be distracted by this new chapter for awhile. Hopefully, one day, some characters will become so loud in my head that I’ll start to let them out again. And when that happens, I’ll definitely be talking about it here!

My Orphaned Book    #MFRWHooks

My Orphaned Book #MFRWHooks

I published a book a few years back that is sort of a loner. It’s my only full-length sweet romance, the only historical set in America, the only book not part of a series. My ignored orphan is called Sass Meets Class, and inattentive as I’ve been to it, I still think it a lovely… Continue Reading

Snow and a Free Romance    #MFRWHooks

Snow and a Free Romance #MFRWHooks

The snow falls outside my window. I haven’t been paying attention to the weather report, so I had no idea it was coming. I wonder what it was like to live in an earlier time in human history without an accurate clue what outside conditions would be from day to day? I suppose if you’d never known… Continue Reading

I’m a Geek about #Yellowstone

I’m a Geek about #Yellowstone

What could be better than understanding something complex? Than digging down into the nuts and bolts of “why”? I know some people don’t share my enthusiasm for science, but I’ve got to admit, I lo-o-o-ve geeky stuff. I was logging onto my Yahoo account, minding my own business, when an article about Yellowstone caught my eye.… Continue Reading

Hummingbird Place – Listen to Romance News        #blogradio #romancenews

Hummingbird Place – Listen to Romance News #blogradio #romancenews

Last night I was interviewed on Hummingbird Place, a fun place to find weekly romance news and listen to authors you may or may not be familiar with, all couched in a comfy, homespun environment complete with southern accents and “cyber-wine.” Host Donna Wright explored the topic of Virgin Heroes and Heroines with three authors. The character I discussed… Continue Reading

Unbidden on Medieval Monday      #medievalmonday

Unbidden on Medieval Monday #medievalmonday

Today on Medieval Monday, I’m featuring Unbidden, Book One in Jill Hughey’s Evolution Series which will take you to the rarely explored medieval world of Charlemagne’s Empire where aristocrats, warriors, merchants and servants find love in the most unexpected places! If you like swoon-worthy yet mildly flawed heroes and independent not-too-perfect heroines, then step in to a… Continue Reading